Why You Should Invest


"Honor Credit Union believes in growing the region because success is contagious,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Scott McFarland. “Our investment in Cornerstone Alliance allows us to be a partner in what we consider an amazing region of Michigan,” said Scott. “Cornerstone Alliance has a strong history and reputation for their commitment to Michigan’s Great Southwest and they have opened doors to opportunities for growth and expansion in the region.”

Honor Credit Union has served its members since 1934. They continuously invest back into the communities they serve through both financial and team support, an important aspect of economic development according to Scott. The Cornerstone Alliance mission aligns with Honor’s dedication to reinvesting in the communities they serve which helps create jobs so that everyone can prosper.

“Cornerstone Alliance has such an impact in our area,” said Scott. “Much of the work they do is behind the scenes. There are many times where they have been the spark generating investment, growth and new business. It’s important to understand that jobs bring people and opportunity and Cornerstone Alliance is heavily focused on bringing those jobs to our region.”

Honor Credit Union is proud to invest in Berrien County’s economic development organization. Their focus and understanding of the region make them exactly what their name says, a “Cornerstone” for expansion, investment and entrepreneurship.