Businesses in Michigan’s Great Southwest enjoy electric and natural gas rates that are competitive to the national average. Our utility costs contribute to making this area an attractive operating environment for business to succeed.


The local power provider is Indiana Michigan Power (I&M), a division of American Electric Power (AEP). Indiana Michigan Power offers a diverse range of generating sources and recently announced plans to build five (5) solar generation facilities, adding solar to their hydro and wind renewable source mix. In addition to these, I&M produces over one-third of its power from emission-free Cook Nuclear Plant located in Bridgman, MI (Berrien County).

Overall capacity for I&M’s service footprint is 6,227 MW’s of power. With this level of capacity and its commitment to a reliable, emission-free source of power, you will find that I&M’s industrial rates in Michigan consistently run lower than the state average.

For more information on I&M service and pricing, please contact us.  


Natural Gas

Michigan's Great Southwest's natural gas provider is Michigan Gas Utilities. Most businesses served by MGU receive Commercial and Industrial Firm Natural Gas Service. The chart below offers charges for annual natural gas usage based on consumption:

Annual Natural Gas Usage (Customer Class) Type of Customer Customer Charge Local Distribution Service Rate

Gas Cost




  Up to 273,000 CCF



$36.74 $0.15945 $0.57471 $0.75590
  More than 273 CCF



$546.57 $0.10322 $0.57471 $0.67212

More information on Michigan Gas Utilities can be found on their website, here. Since several factors can influence your business's monthly gas use, please contact us to get detailed information and specific rates for your business.

Water & Wastewater

Lake Michigan accounts for 20% of the world's fresh water supply and Michigan's Great Southwest has access to over 28 million gallons daily capacity of water supply for your business. In Berrien County, the cost of Industrial Water averages $2.31 per CCF and Sewer averages $3.12 per CCF. For more detailed utility rate information, please contact us.


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