Business Climate

There are many reasons to run a business, raise a family and retire in Berrien County. But the backbone of why this is a great place to live and work is because we are in Michigan. Our state’s business climate is stronger than ever and is ranked nationally as a Top-10 Pro-Business State.

  • MichiganRoadSign.jpgNo Personal Property Tax on Machinery & Equipment 
  • No Inventory Tax
  • A cost of living that is nearly 10% below the national average and ranks us as the fourth most affordable state in the country
  • A diverse workforce that includes one of the highest concentrations of engineers in the U.S. as well as having a skilled trades workforce that ranks in the top 10 nationally
  • Easy accessibility to markets. Michigan is within 500 miles of nearly half of the U.S. and Canadian populations and commerce centers
  • A competitive tax environment. The Tax Foundation 2022 Tax Climate Index ranks Michigan 12th in the country. Michigan has no personal property tax on machinery and equipment, no inventory tax; a 6% corporate income tax rate; 4.25% personal (flat) income tax (the lowest in the Midwest); and a 6% sales tax (and no local sales tax)
  • A culture that encourages innovation, imagination and a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Enjoy an enviable abundance of fresh water and natural resources that attract people from around the world and entice residents to make time to play
The Cornerstone Alliance Business Development Team is delighted to work with you to help your business succeed, grow and more in Michigan’s Great Southwest. We will identify and work to secure appropriate available local, state and other potential incentives which may be available and relevant to your project.  For information specific to your project, please contact us!