Did you know that The First Choice Program at Cornerstone Alliance is a powerful tool that helps Berrien County businesses attract new talent to Michigan’s Great Southwest? When candidates from outside of the region are interviewing here, their focus is typically on preparing for the interview, and they have little or no time to explore the community.  Further, if they were to look on their own, chances are they wouldn’t really know where to go, or the best way to get there.   

The First Choice Program showcases the community to those candidates interviewing with Berrien County businesses, giving them a more in-depth look at what the community has to offer. The First Choice Ambassadors, many of whom have relocated to Michigan’s Great Southwest provide a customized tour of the area to these candidates, their families, showing them neighborhoods, business districts, and other areas of interest.

 “The First Choice Program is an added bonus to businesses looking to make offers to qualified candidates living outside of the region,” said Cornerstone Alliance President, Rob Cleveland. “Berrien County companies are finding the First Choice Program to be a solid resource in the interviewing process because it allows these individuals (and their families) to fully understand what is offered outside of a new job, including schools, housing, church/worship and more. These are significant factors when people are making a decision to relocate.”

To learn more about how the First Choice Program can partner with your business to attract workforce talent to Michigan’s Great Southwest, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..