Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) presented Cornerstone Alliance with a check for more than $1,600 on Thursday for reducing its future energy usage at its renovated building by participating in an I&M energy efficiency program.

Cornerstone will save about 21,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year – enough to power a typical home for nearly two years.

“This project highlights the goals of I&M’s energy efficiency programs,” said Jason Whitman, I&M Energy Efficiency and Consumer Program Coordinator. “By approaching this renovation with an energy conscious design, Cornerstone Alliance was able to modernize a century-old building improving not only its appearance, but also its energy use. We hope other local business are encouraged by Cornerstone Alliance’s example and will take advantage of the incentives I&M offers to drive energy saving projects.”

Cornerstone Alliance last year renovated a 100-year-old office building on West Main Street in Benton Harbor, including upgrading old lighting with new LED fixtures and installing occupancy sensors designed to reduce energy waste while a room is empty. The project qualified for the Michigan-Custom Incentive Program, one of I&M’s energy efficiency programs.

“The Energy Efficiency Program offered by Indiana Michigan Power is of great benefit to businesses,” said Rob Cleveland, Cornerstone Alliance President. “Energy-saving solutions were a top priority for us when designing the new Cornerstone Alliance offices in downtown Benton Harbor, and we appreciated the incentives from participating in this program. Indiana Michigan Power is a great economic development partner, and this is one of many ways they support business attraction and expansion in Southwest Michigan.”

Incentives are available for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades to I&M’s business customers in both Michigan and Indiana. Through the program, customers work with program-approved service providers who help identify system improvements and efficiency measures. Energy saving incentives are available to help offset the cost of implementation of the new efficiency measures. A few of the benefits of participation include – reduced energy consumption, enhanced building performance and extended life expectancy of equipment.

For more information about how your business can participate in the Energy Efficiency Program visit www.electricIdeas.com.