BENTON HARBOR, Mich., (April 4, 2023) – Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) has conducted various energy assessments over the past year for local business customers. This service has resulted in savings of approximately five million kilowatt hours of electricity. The reserved power is made available for use by the general community.
The kilowatt hours saved equate to more than $500,000 in utility bill reductions in 2022 for participating business customers. I&M’s energy efficiency programs have existed for years but were recently fueled by a partnership with Cornerstone Alliance. In addition to saving on monthly utility bills, some customers also earned incentives for completing energy-efficient upgrades for projects such as lighting, heating and cooling systems, compressed air and more. 
Aimed at business customers looking to increase energy efficiency and save on utility costs, assessments identify energy-saving opportunities. Following the results of the assessment, business customers can then earn incentive payments by upgrading their equipment with program-specific measures.
“I&M is stronger when we partner with others who are also focused on serving our customers and communities. We appreciate Cornerstone Alliance and their promotion of our energy efficiency programs,” said Katie Davis, I&M's Vice President of External Affairs & Customer Experience.
“Cornerstone partnered with Indiana Michigan Power to support Berrien County businesses,” said Cathy Tilley, Cornerstone Alliance Director of Business Development. “We are thrilled with the results for 2022 and look forward to assisting additional businesses in 2023.”
I&M business customers interested in reducing energy costs can visit Indiana Michigan Power to review qualifying requirements and schedule an energy assessment, or call Cathy Tilley at Cornerstone Alliance: (269) 757-0295.