BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (December 7, 2022) – Cornerstone Alliance is seeking community input on a new public space concept in downtown Benton Harbor.
With inspiration from the City of Benton Harbor's 2015 Place Plan for City Center Park, Cornerstone Alliance has developed a draft concept for an alley activation project to run the length of the alley behind the first block of West Main Street in Downtown Benton Harbor.
This space is envisioned as a community asset to be programmed with events, markets, musical performances, art installations, and other activities, drawing people to downtown Benton Harbor while also serving as an asset to the businesses and residents in the area.
“Alleys are increasingly being seen as places to be activated as public space, they are small in scale, providing a great canvas to try new things and can continue to evolve as the community explores new ways to use them. We’re eager to hear how the community envisions this space being used and what type of amenities they would like to see.” said Andrew Haan, Cornerstone Alliance's Vice President of Business Development. "This space belongs to the community. We’re excited to bring the community into the design process, and to invest our resources in something that will be a welcoming space for all”.
Cornerstone Alliance is seeking community input on how best to design the space, with feedback sought on fixtures, lighting, public art, and programming.
Those interested in learning more about the project can click here to take a brief survey and provide their input.